These incredible Stainless Steel Cameras from Rugged Marine are not only durable and extremely rugged, but they are surprisingly affordable as well. If you can find a Stainless Steel Dome camera or a Stainless Steel Bullet Camera for a lower cost, we would like to know about it.


Small Housing Series

  • 1.93″ Diameter x 4.50 Length
  • HD-TVI Non Infrared
  • HD-TVI White Light

Medium & Large Housing Models

  • Infrared
  • IP68 Waterproof

View your HD-TVI Cameras on a monitor

  • HD-TVI to HDMI, VGA, Quad
  • HD-TVI to HDMI Single

TVI - AHD or Analog

HD 1080p Quad Processor


TVI - AHD to HDMI Converter

TVI & AHD Camera Converter