TVI & AHD Camera Converter

TVI - AHD to HDMI Converter

IMAGE:TVI to HDMI Converter


TVI & AHD Camera Converter to HDMI
Converts TVI & AHD Camera signals to HDMI for Mobile & Stationary Monitoring

Rugged Marine has introduced an easy way to monitor High Definition TVI & AHD Cameras on any HDMI Monitor.

It's the TVI/AHD Converter Box.

Works at 720p or 1080p and allows you to view the camera at full HD Resolution on any Monitor that has an HDMI input.

The small size of this converter (approx. 3-3/4” x 3-3/4” x 1.1”) makes it perfect for Mobile applications. (Our newest model, available in December 2016, allows anywhere from 9 volts DC to 24 volts DC operating voltage) Comes with a plug in wall pack transformer for quick powering where AC Power is available.

Also, has a pass-thru BNC for continuing the Camera Signal on to a DVR - or – for daisy-chaining to multiple monitors using multiple converters. (Example: one 600' run of coax can have multiple monitors viewing the camera at any distance along the run.)

Two LED Status lights denote Power and Camera Signal connections.

Comes with the Rugged Marine Standard Two Year Warranty.


Input 1x TVI/AHD
Output 1x HDMI, 1x TVI/AHD
Interface HDMI A - Male, BNC
TVI/AHD input Resolution 720p (25Hz/30Hz/50Hz/60Hz
1080p (25Hz/30Hz
HDMI Output Resolution 1080p@60Hz
Dimensions 3.75"(W) x 3.75"(L) x 1.10" (H)
Operating Voltage 9v - 24v DC