HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface)

Techpoint (US Company based in San Jose, CA.) Developed the new technology, HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) for the video surveillance market.

This new technology drew rave reviews and was heavily adopted by hundreds of tier one video surveillance manufacturers worldwide.

The basis for HD-TVI is taking uncompressed HD video and transmitting it over 1640 Feet (500 meters) of distance on standard low cost coaxial cable using analog transmission techniques.

This technology solves the problem of distance, cost, and reliability associated with HD-SDI and other digital LVDS transmissions without the drawbacks of video compression necessary with HD Ethernet or IP video.

The HD-TVI technology is also heavily applicable for the automotive infotainment market as manufacturers can now use low cost unshielded twisted pair cables and low cost connectors and still achieve reliable and robust HD video inside the automobile.

We invite you to experience the transformation of the HD video markets as we take you to the next generation of HD video surveillance and HD automotive video!